What We Do

What We Do

works with a team of associates from the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Region to provide a range of M&E Services. i-TEC main offices are located in Kampala, Uganda with other satellite offices in the region. i-TEC is the first locally female-owned firm of its kind in Africa, which has been set up to accord opportunities to the growing number of M&E specialists in the ESA region in order to meet the demand for M&E services. The firm, i-TEC works in collaboration with members of the Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) and select Universities in Uganda such as Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and Mbarara University of Science & Technology (MUST) to provide a unique range of services. Through a multidisciplinary team, i–TEC brings the following resources and services to the growing M&E community in the ESA region:

  1. A complete range of M&E Instruments for clients to choose from that can help meet their different development goals.
  2. Knowledge and experience with:
    • Building M&E Systems from Scratch
    • Short-term Training in M&E Concepts for mid-career professionals
    • Long-term Training for young professionals interested in pursuing Evaluation as a career
    • Undertaking Country Needs Assessments, Diagnosis and Evaluations
    • Producing a Roster that highlights the expertise in Evaluation available in the Region
  3. How-to-Guides in conducting your own performance monitoring and evaluation for managers of programs.
  4. Provision of technical assistance in performance monitoring and evaluation to national and local governments

Special Note: Walk-ins for a no-obligation consultation are welcome at the i–TEC Main office.

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