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i–TEC staff and Associates are highly experienced especially in conducting performance monitoring, data collection & analysis, results reporting in government/donor-funded programs. In addition, they are also excellent in assessing progress made in implementation of various sector programs to determine the achievement of national development goals.

i–TEC President & Mr. Polly Mugisha were part of the core team that successfully implemented the first USAID -funded Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services (MEMS) project in Uganda in 2003 – 2008 to provide technical assistance in M&E to over 40 Implementing Partners. Dr. Rwampororo went on to run a similar project the Tanzania MEMS (2009-2011), and more recently the Ethiopia Performance Management System (EPMS) project (2012 – 2014).



  • Yam Improvement for Incomes and Food Security in West Africa , IITA - Nigeria & Ghana
  • Commercializing farmer-led cassava seed delivery system in Uganda, NARO -Uganda
  • Cassava Varieties and Clean Seed to Combat CBSD and CMD (5CP) project, IITA - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique
  • Community Action in Cassava Brown Streak Control Through Clean Seed , IITA – Tanzania



i–TEC staff were also involved in not only designing the M&E system for the Government of Malawi at the various levels (national, sector, district and community) but also in monitoring performance across all the sectors for the purpose of informing progress achieved or not achieved towards the national strategy goals, for the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) at the time.

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